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Table 1 Arena3D versus previous version

From: Arena3D: visualizing time-driven phenotypic differences in biological systems

Functionality Previous versions Arena3D 2.0
Load network data x x
Load time course data   x
Circular x x
Grid x x
Spherical x x
Hierarchical x x
Fruchterman - Reingold x x
Distance Geometry x x
Affinity Propagation x x
Markov Clustering x x
K-Means x x
Neighbor Joining x x
Move nodes x x
Move/scale/spin layers x x
Time course data analysis   
Time slider   x
Cluster by gene expression   x
Highlight peaks   x
Cluster by top expression changes   x
Play animation   x
Individual gene tracking   x
Pearson/Spearman correlation display   x
Similarity scoring   x
Choose color scheme   x
Colorblind-safe color scheme   x
Network export   
Medusa format x x
Pajek format x x
VRML format x x
JPEG format x x
  1. Listed are the different functionality improvements with respect to the previous version of the software.