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Table 2 InterPro coverage of new domains at 10% FDR

From: Fitting hidden Markov models of protein domains to a target species: application to Plasmodium falciparum

  InterPro Cov. InterPro Cov. H0
Pfam 103 (53.9%) 3.34%
Score Adjustment 129 (54.2%) 2.85%
Enriched Alignment 230 (47.9%) 1.70%
Substitution Matrix 121 (53.5%) 3.06%
Match-state Clustering 191 (52.2%) 1.84%
  1. InterPro Cov.: Number and proportion (in parenthesis) of new domains belonging to an InterPro family previously known for the protein, for the different correction approaches and the standard Pfam library, at 10% FDR; InterPro Cov. H0: proportion of matches on random domains.