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Figure 9

From: SPARQL Assist language-neutral query composer

Figure 9

SADI registry lookups and internationalization. This figure shows support for internationalization as well as the additional functionality of SPARQL Assist provided by the SADI extension. When a named individual is present in a query, the SADI extension to SPARQL Assist utilizes the semantic type of this individual to initiate a search of the SADI registry for Services that could consume this individual as input. The predicates created by those services are highlighted in green in the type-ahead prompt, providing visual assurance that selection of those predicates is "semantically meaningful" and is likely to resolve successfully during query execution. In the top panel, the user has started typing (in English) "parti...", and the predicate "has participant" from the type-ahead choices is highlighted in green, indicating that a SADI Service is available that will generate that predicate based on that input individual. In the lower panel, at the same point in the query, the user has started typing (in German) "Bet...", and is provided with the predicate "hat Beteiligten". Since "hat Beteiligten" and "has participant" are alternative labels for the same predicate URI (, this predicate is also highlighted in green indicating that there is a SADI service capable of resolving it.

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