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Table 10 MeSH-based δ-maximum scored bridges for the AC domain

From: Exploring and linking biomedical resources through multidimensional semantic spaces

Anatomy.Cell Disease.NeoplasticProcess Score S
neurons gangliogliomas coh = 0.160 4
cultured cells melanoma syndrome coh = 0.158 3
t-lymphocytes malignant adenomas coh = 0.286 2
tumour cell lines neoplasms experimental coh = 0.500 2
  1. Best δ-maximum scored bridges between the Cell and NeoplasticProcess levels for the the AC domain, using the gold-standard (MeSH). Interestingness measures used are: cohesion (coh), confidence (conf) and f-measure (f1). The column S indicates the number of documents supporting each bridge.