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Table 1 The groups used to form the plan tree.

From: Transparent mediation-based access to multiple yeast data sources using an ontology driven interface

Group Query Mapping source
G1 Protein(P), hasBibRef(P,BR) SGD
G2 Protein(P),hasDescription(P,"DNA Topoisomerase III") SGD
G3 Protein(P), hasSystematicName(P, SN) Yeastract
G4 Protein(P), RegulatedBy(P, TF) Yeastract
G5 TranscriptionFactor(TF), hasName(TF, Nt) Yeastract
G6 TranscriptionFactor(TF), belongsTo(TF,C) Yeastract
G7 TranscriptionFactor(TF), hasPhosphorylationSite(TF, Ph) PhosphoGrid
G8 Chromosom(C), hasName(C,"16") Yeastract
G9 regulatedBy(P,TF) Yeastract
G10 hasBibRef(P,BR) SGD
G11 belongsTo(TF,C) Yeastract
G12 hasPhosphoSite(TF,Ph) PhosphoGrid
G13 Protein(P) SGD; Yeastract; PhosphoGrid
G14 TranscriptionFactor(TF) Yeastract; PhosphoGrid
G15 BibRef(BR) SGD
G16 Chromosome(C) Yeastract
G17 PhosphoSite(Ph) PhosphoGrid
  1. For each group the mapping source is given.