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Table 1 Rate of adaptation to single environments A and B, and a complex XOR environment in different experimental scenarios

From: Horizontal gene transfer dynamics and distribution of fitness effects during microbial in silico evolution

  Emergence of the organism with fitness w
  w > 0.75 w>0.90
  Success rate Average speed, epochs Success rate Average speed, epochs
Un-evolved → XORa 18/32 2485 15/32 2489
Un-evolved → Aa 30/32 1043 29/32 1067
Un-evolved → Ba 31/32 1217 31/32 1319
{A &B} → XORb 58/64 234 47/64 448
{A &B} → XOR + HGT b 64/64 138 48/64 406
Acceleration of adaptation by HGT 1.7 1.1
  1. The probability and the speed of XOR phenotype emergence are shown for two fitness thresholds 0.75 (evolved organism) and 0.90 (refined evolved organism). Probability is calculated as the ratio between the number of experiments with the maximum fitness above the threshold in the end of the run, to the total number of experiments. Average speed is the average epoch number at which maximum fitness surpasses the threshold (the speed calculated only for successful experiments, therefore it is overestimated for cases with a low adaptation probability).
  2. a 32 experiments; 4,000 epochs each.
  3. b 64 experiments; 2,000 epochs each.