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Table 5 System profiles

From: The Genia Event and Protein Coreference tasks of the BioNLP Shared Task 2011

Team   NLP   GE. task   CO. task
Lexical Proc. Syntactic Proc. Trig. Arg. group Mark. Coref.
FAUST SnowBall, CNLP McCCJ+SD Stacking (UMASS + Stanford)   -
UMASS SnowBall, CNLP McCCJ+SD Joint infer., Dual Decomposition   -
MSR-NLP Porter McCCJ+SD, Enju SVM MaxEnt rules   -
ConcordU - McCCJ+SD dic rules rules rules rules
UWMadison Morpha, Porter McCCJ+SD Joint infer., SEARN   -
Stanford Morpha, CNLP McCCJ+SD MaxEnt MSTParser   -
BMI@ASU Porter, WordNet Stanford+SD SVM SVM UTurku   -
CCP-BTMG Porter, WordNet Stanford+SD Subgraph Isomorphism   -
TM-SCS Stanford Stanford dic rules rules   -
XABioNLP KAF -   rules    -
HCMUS OpenNLP - dic, rules rules   -
UUtah GTag Enju   -   SVM Reconcile
UZurich LingPipe Pro3Gres   -   rules rules
USzeged CTag, Morpha McCCJ   -   rules SVM
UCD GTag, LingPipe -   -   rules SVM
  1. Proc.=Processing, Trig.=Trigger detection, Arg.=Argument linking, group=Argument grouping, Mark.=Markable detection, Coref.=Coreference linking, SnowBall=SnowBall Stemmer, CNLP=Stanford CoreNLP (tokenization), CTag=CNC Tagger, GTag=Genia Tagger, KAF=Kyoto Annotation Format McCCJ=McClosky-Charniak-Johnson Parser, Stanford=Stanford Parser, SD=Stanford Dependency Conversion.