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Table 3 Application of intra-sentential transformation rules

From: Biological event composition

Fragment Syntactic Dependencies Embedding Relations
... CD40 ligand interactions play a key role ... nn(interactions,ligand) nn(interactions,CD40) NN(interactions, CD40 ligand)
... specifically binds and phosphorylates IκBα conj _and( binds,phosphorylates) CC(and, binds)
CC(and, phosphorylates)
... possible involvement of HCMV ... amod(involvement,possible) prep _of(involvement,HCMV) AMOD(possible,involvement) PREP_OF(involvement, HCMV)
... Tat and Sp1 proteins ... nn(proteins,Sp1)
NN(proteins, and)
CC(and, Sp1)
  1. Application of several intra-sentential transformation rules to the sentence fragments in the first column. The syntactic dependencies in the second column are the input to these rules and the embedding relations in the third column are the output.