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Table 11 Q-value of one of the network modules of Dataset 5

From: An effective method for network module extraction from microarray data

GO annotation Q value
regulation of synaptic transmission 6.438756E-7
regulation of transmission of nerve impulse 9.297736E-7
regulation of neurological system process 1.533111E-6
intermediate filament cytoskeleton organization 2.056912E-6
intermediate filament-based process 5.218967E-6
neurofilament cytoskeleton 1.109702E-5
intermediate filament organization 1.454524E-5
synapse part 2.543099E-5
growth factor binding 2.571707E-5
intermediate filament 2.938762E-5
positive regulation of neurogenesis 9.6019E-5
  1. The table 11 gives the Q value of one of the network modules of Dataset 5.