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Table 3 Symbolic representation

From: An effective method for network module extraction from microarray data

D The gene expression matrix
d i ithgene in D
δ Signum threshold
G Co-expression network
V Set of vertices in G
E Set of edges in G
Dist Distance matrix
Dist(d i , d j ) NMRS distance between genes d i , d j D
Adj Adjacency matrix
Adj(v i ,v j ) 1 if v i and v j are connected by an edge 0 otherwise
G con Set of connected region
ith connected region
Set of vertices in ith connected region
Set of edges in ith connected region
Adjacency matrix of the ith connected region
ith network module
D net Set of network modules obtained from G
TOM(v i ,v j ) Topological Matrix value between vertices v i and v j
TOM(V1) Average TOM of the set of vertices V1
TOM for ith connected region
Maximum spanning tree obtained from ith connected region
Set of edges in
  1. The table 3 describes the various symbols that is used in ModuleMiner.