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Table 6 p-value of one of the network modules of Dataset 3

From: An effective method for network module extraction from microarray data

P-value GO number GO category
3.93E-25 GO:0006281 DNA repair
1.03E-26 GO:0006259 DNA metabolic process
1.23E-23 GO:0006974 response to DNA damage stimulus
7.69E-27 GO:0006260 DNA replication
6.94E-19 GO:0007049 cell cycle
5.55E-16 GO:0005634 nucleus
8.53E-18 GO:0044454 nuclear chromosome part
1.51E-17 GO:0022402 cell cycle process
3.53E-17 GO:0000079 regulation of cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity
5.72E-15 GO:0045859 regulation of protein kinase activity
5.16E-16 GO:0005657 replication fork
  1. The table 6 gives the p value of one of the network modules of Dataset 3.