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Table 1 SNPs selected as attributes for at least 5% of the Naïve Bayes Classifiers by BoNB on the WTCCC T1D dataset, with B = 200 Bootstrap samples and classifiers.

From: Bag of Naïve Bayes: biomarker selection and classification from genome-wide SNP data

SNP Chr Gene Relation %NBCs MU (median)
rs6679677 1 RSBN1 downstream 7 0.033
rs9266774 6 MICA upstream 5.5 0.011
rs805301 6 BAT3 intron 17.5 0.043
rs492899 6 SKIV2L intron 8.5 0.025
rs9273363 6 HLA-DQB1 downstream 100 0.835
rs9275418 6 HLA-DQB1 upstream 80 0.160
rs6936863 6 HLA-DQA2 upstream 8 0.08
rs9784858 6 TAP2 intron 5 0.008
rs3101942 6 LOC100294145 exon 21.5 0.045
  1. First column: dbSNP RS ID. Second column: SNP chromosome. Third and fourth column: annotated gene and relation with the SNP. Fifth column: percentage of Naïve Bayes Classifiers that included the SNP as attribute. Sixth column: median of the marginal utility of the SNP. SNPs selected as genetic biomarkers by the permutation procedure are marked in bold.