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Figure 5

From: Inferences from structural comparison: flexibility, secondary structure wobble and sequence alignment optimization

Figure 5

RMSD and ED. The samples obeying the theoretical hypothesis are shown in blue diamonds, the exceptions are shown in red rectangles and where the ED difference was zero is shown in green triangles (A, B and C). (A) The distribution of the minimum/maximum RMSD. (B) The distribution of the ED of corresponding RMSD. (C) X-axis: differences of the maximum RMSD subtract the equivalent minimum RMSD; Y-axis: differences of the ED of the minimum RMSD subtract the ED of the maximum RMSD. (D) Gap difference of the exceptions. X-axis (gap-openings) and Y-axis (gap-extensions) are the differences of the gaps of the minimum RMSD subtract the maximum RMSD, respectively. The dots in quadrant IV indicate the gap-openings of the minimum RMSD are higher than the maximum RMSD, but the gap-extensions are reverse. The Venn diagram shows the dot number in quadrants I, II, III and IV, and on the axes and the origin e.g. there are 31 dots at the origin, 32 dots in quadrant of III and 12 dots in quadrant of IV.

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