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Table 1 Kinetic Parameters for the in silico Ribocell model at room temperature.

From: Stochastic simulations of minimal cells: the Ribocell model

Values Process Description Ref.
kSS[s-1M-1] 8.8·106 Formation of dimers RcRP and RcRL [28]
kS[s-1] 2.2·10-6 Dissociation of dimers RcRP and RcRL [28]
kR@S[s-1M-1] 5.32·105 Formation of R@S [29]
kR@SS[s-1] 9.9·10-3 Dissociation of Complexes R@ScS [29]
kNTP[s-1M-1] 0.113 Nucleotide Polymerization in Oleic Vesicle [31]
kL [s-1M-1] 1.7·103 Lipid Precursor Conversion* [30]
kin [dm2s-1] 7.6·1019 Oleic acid association to the membrane [26]
kout [dm2s-1] 7.6·10-2 Oleic acid release from the membrane [26]
PP [cm·s-1] 4.2 10-9 Membrane Permeability to Lipid Precursor  
PNTP [cm·s-1] 1.9 10-11 Membrane Permeability to Nucleotides [31]
PW = PS 0.0 Membrane Permeability to W and genetic staff  
Paq[cm·s-1] 1.0·10-3 Oleic Acid Membrane Permeability to Water [32]
  1. *kL is 105 times larger than the value of the splicing reaction, catalyzed by the hammerhead ribozyme.