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Figure 2

From: CONS-COCOMAPS: a novel tool to measure and visualize the conservation of inter-residue contacts in multiple docking solutions

Figure 2

Consensus maps. (a-b) CONS-COCOMAPS consensus maps obtained from the 10 models submitted for the CAPRI target T32 by the P04 and P49 predictors. c-j) Comparison between the CONS-COCOMAPS consensus maps (d,f,h,j) obtained from all the 300, 310, 350 and 350 models submitted to CAPRI for the targets T25, T26, T29 and T32, respectively, and the intermolecular contact maps (c,e,g,i) of the corresponding native structures (PDB codes: 2J59, 2HQS, 2VDU and 3BX1).

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