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Table 2 Runtime

From: Challenges in estimating percent inclusion of alternatively spliced junctions from RNA-seq data

Datasets: Validation High-Throughput
RNA-seq reads 66 Million 145 Million
AS events 26 1051
Cufflinks 16 min 75 min
MISO 77 min 458 min
Preprocess 4 min 11 min
Gaussian +1 sec +2 min
Native +2 sec +5 min
Mixture +6 sec +17 min
Bootstrap +12 sec +29 min
  1. Comparison of run times between different PSI estimation methods. For our methods, we report the runtime of the shared pre-processing step separately from the PSI estimation. All tests were performed on a Dell Precision T7400 workstation with 8 cores (at 3 GHz) and 32 GB of RAM. We report wall-clock times averaged over 3 re-runs then rounded to the nearest minute (or second where appropriate).