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Table 1 Comparison of chemical compounds in MetaCyc and KEGG

From: A systematic comparison of the MetaCyc and KEGG pathway databases

Category M(all) M(base) M(super) K(all) K(module) K(map) Common
All chemical compounds 11991    15161    5120 (0.23)
All reaction substrates 8891    6912    4232 (0.37)
Pathway reaction substrates 5523 5371 5523 4759 828 4759 2384 (0.30)
  1. For each type of compound (row), we report the number of compounds in MetaCyc, the number of compounds in KEGG, and the number of compounds in common between MetaCyc and KEGG. “All chemical compounds” includes both compound classes and compound instances for MetaCyc; for KEGG it includes all compounds in the KEGG COMPOUND file. “All reaction substrates” is the union of all literal reaction substrates (reactants plus products) in the specified DB. M(all): all MetaCyc compounds; M(base): compounds in MetaCyc base pathways; M(super): compounds in MetaCyc super pathways; K(all): all KEGG compounds; K(module): compounds in KEGG module; K(map): compounds in KEGG map; Common: corresponding compounds by total number and by the Jaccard coefficient in parentheses.