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Table 3 A comparison of MetaCyc and KEGG compound attributes, for those attributes where one hundred or more objects have a value for that attribute

From: A systematic comparison of the MetaCyc and KEGG pathway databases

MetaCyc   KEGG  
Attribute Frequency Attribute Frequency
Monoisotopic-MW 9475 Exact_Mass 14611
Molecular-Weight 9431 Mol_Weight 14611
Creation-date 11705   
Creator 10573   
SMILES 10546   
InChI 9222   
Regulates 3573   
Credits 2895   
Gibbs-0 1033   
Cofactors-Of 563   
  1. The table presents shared attributes (note that the name for the same conceptual attribute may differ between MetaCyc and KEGG), and attributes unique to MetaCyc; the two attribute sets are further sorted based on the number of objects containing non-null values for each attribute. Gibbs-0 is the Gibbs free energy of formation of a compound. Creator, Creation-Date, and Credits provide data provenance. KEGG compound attribute data are derived from the KEGG COMPOUND dataset.