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Table 5 Comparison of reaction data content in MetaCyc and KEGG

From: A systematic comparison of the MetaCyc and KEGG pathway databases

Category MetaCyc KEGG
Reaction instances 10262 8879
Duplicate reactions 279 341
Reactions with comments 3206 3022
Unbalanced reactions (not counting hydrogen) 474 872
Unbalanced reactions (counting hydrogen) 532 1475
Mean associated pathways 0.84 0.90
  1. We report the number of reactions, the number of duplicate reactions, the number of reactions with comments, the number of unbalanced reactions disregarding hydrogen imbalance, the number of unbalanced reactions including hydrogen imbalance, and the average number of associated pathways. Associated pathways of a reaction include base pathways and superpathways in MetaCyc and KEGG modules and maps.