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Table 6 A comparison of MetaCyc (M) and KEGG (K) reaction attributes, for those attributes where one hundred or more objects have a value for that attribute

From: A systematic comparison of the MetaCyc and KEGG pathway databases

MetaCyc   KEGG  
Attribute (M) Frequency (M) Attribute (K) Frequency (K)
Physiologically-Relevant? 10262   
Creation-Date 10247   
   Rpair 8292
Creator 8090   
EC-Number 7998 Enzyme 7632
Reaction-Direction 6660   
Orphan? 5967   
Credits 2779   
Rxn-Locations 282   
Spontaneous? 238   
  1. Attributes are sorted based on the MetaCyc frequency column. Attribute Physiologically-Relevant? describes whether a reaction occurs in vivo. Reaction-Direction specifies the directionality of the reaction. Orphan? is true when no nucleotide or amino-acid sequence has been determined for any enzyme catalyzing this reaction [39, 40]. Rxn-Locations specifies the cellular locations in which a reaction occurs (e.g., cytoplasm or mitochondrion). Spontaneous? specifies whether a reaction occurs spontaneously in living organisms and therefore requires no enzyme. KEGG reaction attribute data are derived from the KEGG REACTION dataset, and thus include glycan reactions.