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Table 2 The detection FPR/TPR with different copy number c

From: CNV-TV: A robust method to discover copy number variation from short sequencing reads

c CNV-seq FREEC SegSeq CNV-TV1 readDepth CNVnator EWT CNV-TV2
0 3.4e-4/0.98 2.1e-3/1.00 4.8e-3/0.00 1.5e-3/0.99 4.0e-5/0.99 1.3e-4/0.99 3.4e-4/0.99 2.2e-4/0.99
1 0.0e-0/0.23 5.2e-4/0.99 4.4e-3/0.95 1.4e-3/0.98 3.0e-5/0.30 3.4e-4/0.95 2.5e-4/0.98 4.2e-4/0.98
3 1.4e-5/0.05 7.2e-4/0.97 4.7e-3/0.85 2.9e-3/0.98 1.9e-5/0.06 2.2e-4/0.92 2.8e-4/0.82 4.6e-4/0.99
6 3.5e-4/1.00 9.9e-4/1.00 4.9e-3/0.99 7.9e-4/0.99 3.1e-5/0.99 2.5e-5/0.99 1.3e-4/0.99 6.2e-5/0.99