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Table 2 Lung cancer data classifications

From: Greedy feature selection for glycan chromatography data with the generalized Dirichlet distribution

  GDFS CFS rpart
  Control Cancer Control Cancer Control Cancer
True groups Control 69 15 66 18 74 10
  Cancer 32 68 40 60 39 61
  1. Statistical classifications of the lung cancer dataset (control vs. cancer cases) from the proposed GDFS method (GDFS), correlation-based feature selection (CFS), and recursive partitioning (rpart). In each case, posterior group probabilities were calculated for each observation j using features selected, and model parameters estimated, with observation j omitted (leave-one-out cross-validation). Observations were then classified using a MAP classification rule. This table shows the cross-tabulations of true group membership with the assigned classifications from GDFS, CFS and rpart.