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Table 2 Dually enriched BPMs

From: Genecentric: a package to uncover graph-theoretic structure in high-throughput epistasis data

BPM Selected enriched GO terms
SLT2 BCK1 CLC1 endoplasmic reticulum unfoldedprotein response (2/3)
PEX1 PEX6 EDE1 SKN7 ERG4ADH1 PEX15 ARC18 ECM33 protein import into peroxisomematrix (3/9)
  receptor recycling (3/9)
COG6 YPT7 MVB12 YPT52 COG5 CCZ1 ARF3 YPT53 ENT3 vacuolar transport (8/9)protein targeting to vacuole (6/9)establishment of proteinlocalization (9/9)
  GTP binding (4/9)
VPS35 YPT31 BOR1 YOL019W PEP8 retrograde transport, endosome to Golgi (3/5)
  1. This table lists BPMs which have both modules enriched and do not include all of the COG 5, 6, 7 and 8 genes. Selected enriched GO terms are included, and bolded genes have been enriched for at least one of the GO terms listed. For complete GO enrichment results, please see the Additional file 1.