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Table 3 Singly enriched BPMs

From: Genecentric: a package to uncover graph-theoretic structure in high-throughput epistasis data

BPM module Selected enriched GO terms
VPS35 GET3 ARL3 SYS1 protein transport (7/8)
GOT1 PEP8 SFT2 ARE1 endosome transport (5/8)
PEX6 BZZ1 SKN7 BLS1 PEX1 TWF1 PEX15 ARC18 JSN1ECM33 protein import into peroxisomematrix,receptor recylcing (3/10)
SNC1 GCS1 SRO7 Golgi to plasma membranetransport (3/3)
YPT7 MVB12 ARF3 CCZ1 YPT52 VPS41 STD1 ENT3 establishment of proteinlocalization (7/8)
VPS27 YOL019W VPS4 protein retention in Golgi apparatus (2/3)
  maintenance of protein location in cell (2/3)
RVS161 RVS167 SKN1 lipid tube assembly (2/3)
RVS161 PKH3 ASG7 conjugation with cellularfusion (2/3)
  1. This table lists enriched modules from BPMs which have only one module enriched for GO terms. Selected enriched GO terms are included, and bolded genes have been enriched for at least one of the GO terms listed. For complete GO enrichment results, please see the Additional file 1.