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Table 1 Timetable for 4273 π Bioinformatics for Biologists

From: 4273π: Bioinformatics education on low cost ARM hardware

Week Lecture Practical class
1 Genomes, sequences and bioinformatics data. Linux and Perl.
2 - Linux, Perl and protein BLAST.
3 - Linux, Perl and delimiting gene/protein families.
4 Multiple alignment and phylogeny. Multiple alignment and phylogeny.
5 Gene family evolution. Gene family evolution.
6 BLAST; DNA sequence analysis. DNA sequence analysis.
7 Looking at species differences. Detecting positive selection.
8 Function and evolution of enzymes. Function and evolution of enzymes.
9 Seminar: student presentations. -
  1. Lectures last slightly less than an hour. Practical classes all use the Raspberry Pi, and last two hours. In addition, in their own time, students engage in self-study and complete a coursework ‘practical project’.