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Table 4 The enriched functions of genes in the gene regulatory module 41 at nodulation stage of 24 hours

From: Predicting gene regulatory networks of soybean nodulation from RNA-Seq transcriptome data

GO term Functions P-value
GO:0042545 P:cell wall modification 7.76836E-07
GO:0009639 P:response to red or far red light 1.46641E-03
GO:0006032 P:chitin catabolic process 7.70352E-05
GO:0042744 P:hydrogen peroxide catabolic process 2.11711E-05
GO:0007047 P:cellular cell wall organization 2.64477E-06
GO:0009739 P:response to gibberellin stimulus 2.07483E-03
GO:0006949 P:syncytium formation 8.69996E-04
GO:0009686 P:gibberellin biosynthetic process 7.38468E-03
GO:0006073 P:cellular glucan metabolic process 3.89541E-02
GO:0009607 P:response to biotic stimulus 1.94115E-03
GO:0009877 P:nodulation 4.04420E-02
GO:0006952 P:defense response 7.89696E-03
GO:0009820 P:alkaloid metabolic process 1.51887E-02
  1. P-value is calculated based on the hypergeometric distribution. The prefix P: biological process; F: molecular function; C: cellular component.