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Figure 3

From: Peak Finder Metaserver - a novel application for finding peaks in ChIP-seq data

Figure 3

PFMS versus single peak finders performance comparison. Performance of the seven peak finders included in PFMS and PFMS itself with different settings. “PFMS voting”, “PFMS minFP” and “PFMS minFN” show results of PFMS with various combinations of peak finders, various minrank values but with voting, minFP and minFN options respectively. The orange “+” sign shows the results of the method we identified as the optimal one for finding peaks in the transcription factor ChIP-seq datasets. PFMS with voting option and min_rank parameter set to 2 using following peak finders: CisGenome, MACS, SISSR was the best choice. The purple points represent performance of PFMS with various parameters and various sets of peak finders included in the analysis.

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