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Table 1 Different GO term semantic similarity approaches and functional similarity measures implemented in DaGO-Fun

From: DaGO-Fun: tool for Gene Ontology-based functional analysis using term information content measures

   Functional similarity measures
   Direct term-based Term semantic-based
  Approaches SimGIC SimDIC SimUIC SimUI BMA ABM Avg Max
Annotation-based   x x x      
  XGraSM      x x x x
  Resnik      x x x x
  Lin      x x x x
  Li et al.      x x x x
  Relevance      x x x x
Topology-based      x     
  Zhang et al       x   
  Wang et al.       x   
  GO-universal      x    
  1. The letter 'x’ indicates that the relevant approach is implemented in DaGO-Fun with the corresponding functional similarity measure.