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Table 1 List of the genetic disorders associated to the ROCK1 target

From: Drug repositioning for orphan genetic diseases through Conserved Anticoexpressed Gene Clusters (CAGCs)

OMIM ID Disease name P-value
611126 Deficiency of a Acyl-coa dehydrogenase family, member 9. 1.5e-05
201450 Deficiency of acyl-coa dehydrogenase, medium-chain. 4.4e-05
201470 Deficiency of acyl-coa dehydrogenase, short-chain. 2.2e-05
201475 Deficiency of acyl-coa dehydrogenase, very long-chain. 4.2e-08
608810 Alpha-b crystallinopathy. 1.5e-05
205200 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, juvenile, with dementia. 5.1e-05
600996 Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, familial, 2; arvd2. 7.9e-05
609160 Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, familial, 7. 1.3e-05
604377 Aardioencephalomyopathy, fatal infantile, due to cytochrome c oxidase. 4.7e-09
602067 Cardiomyopathy, dilated, 1f; cmd1f. 5.9e-05
192600 Cardiomyopathy, familial hypertrophic 1; cmh1. 7.4e-05
115210 Cardiomyopathy, familial restrictive, 1; rcm1. 7.1e-05
212350 Cataract and cardiomyopathy. 4.6e-07
601253 Caveolin 3; cav3. 7.8e-05
609060 Combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency 1; coxpd1. 6.3e-05
610505 Combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency 3; coxpd3. 4.4e-08
611719 Combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency 5; coxpd5. 9.9e-07
300257 Danon disease. 6.1e-06
602668 Dystrophia myotonica 2; dm2. 3.6e-05
158900 Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy 1a; fshmd1a. 2.4e-05
229300 Friedreich ataxia 1; frda. 5.5e-05
253800 Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy; fcmd. 8.8e-05
232300 Glycogen storage disease ii. 4.9e-06
232400 Glycogen storage disease iii. 5.3e-06
261740 Glycogen storage disease of heart, lethal congenital. 5.7e-06
261670 Glycogen storage disease x; gsd10. 4.4e-06
600737 Inclusion body myopathy 2, autosomal recessive; ibm2. 8.8e-05
167320 Inclusion body myopathy with early-onset paget disease and frontotemporal. 5.3e-05
147421 Inclusion body miositis. 2.4e-05
606183 Laryngeal abductor paralysis with cerebellar ataxia and motor neuropathy. 1.9e-05
220111 Leigh syndrome, French-Canadian type; lsfc. 7.8e-05
300322 Lesch-nyhan syndrome; lns. 8.9e-05
109150 Machado-joseph disease; mjd. 8.1e-05
248800 Marinesco-sjogren syndrome; mss. 7.9e-05
252011 Mitochondrial complex ii deficiency. 6.7e-06
609560 Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, myopathic form. 3.4e-08
600462 Mitochondrial myopathy and sideroblastic anemia; mlasa. 7.2e-05
500002 Mitochondrial myopathy with diabetes. 3.1e-06
251950 Mitochondrial myopathy with lactic acidosis. 2.5e-05
610773 Mitochondrial phosphate carrier deficiency. 5.5e-08
310200 Muscular dystrophy, duchenne type; dmd. 9.5e-05
605809 Myasthenia, familial infantile, 1. 2.3e-07
610542 Myasthenia, limb-girdle, with tubular aggregates. 4.9e-06
254210 Myasthenic syndrome, congenital, associated with episodic apnea. 5.2e-07
255125 Myopathy with lactic acidosis, hereditary; hml 3.9e-07
609500 Myopathy, autophagic vacuolar, infantile-onset. 3.6e-05
609200 Myotilinopathy. 2.6e-05
258450 Progressive external ophthalmoplegia with mitochondrial dna deletions. 1.2e-05
609286 Progressive external ophthalmoplegia with mitochondrial dna deletions. 2.1e-06
212138 Solute carrier family 25 (carnitine/acylcarnitine translocase), member. 4.3e-06
103220 Solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier, adenine nucleotide. 3.9e-06
604360 Spastic paraplegia 11, autosomal recessive; spg11. 9.4e-05
610250 Spastic paraplegia 31, autosomal dominant; spg31. 8.4e-05
183020 Spinal muscular atrophy, segmental. 7.7e-05
253300 Spinal muscular atrophy, type i; sma1. 6.2e-05
609015 Trifunctional protein deficiency. 2.9e-06
222300 Wolfram syndrome 1; wfs1. 7.5e-05
  1. P-value refers to the enrichment for phenotypically correlated genes detected in the corresponding CAGC.