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Table 2 Pink ReMIC genes

From: Detecting recurrent gene mutation in interaction network context using multi-scale graph diffusion

KEGG pathways Pink nodes in Pik3-cluster Pink nodes in Runx-cluster
  Significant Non-significant Significant Non-significant
  p-value Rank p-value Rank p-value Rank p-value Rank
AM leukemia 0.002(17/294) 26 0.54(10/933) 61 0.01(6/81) 16 0.001(11/265) 3
CM leukemia 2.5E-07(31/294) 2 0.9(9/933) 101 4.5E-06(12/81) 3 0.001(10/265) 9
Pathways in cancer 8.7E-06(67/294) 11 0.54(45/933) 62 1.3E-05(23/81) 4 2.1E-05(34/265) 1
  1. p-values of pathway enrichment for ReMIC genes and non-selected pink nodes which are connected to the red nodes in the
  2. Runx- and Pik3-cluster. Numbers between parentheses show the number of implicated genes in that particular pathway / total
  3. number of genes in the set.