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Table 1 Statistics for state classifications

From: A Hidden Markov Model for identifying essential and growth-defect regions in bacterial genomes from transposon insertion sequencing data

  Total % Mean # Mean Mean
  of genome TA sites insertion read
    density counts
Essential 16.6 26.9 0.006 0.2
Growth-defect 4.1 29.2 0.20 22.5
Non-essentials 78.0 111.6 0.7 220.5
Growth-advantage 1.3 32.1 0.9 701.1
  1. Statistics for essentials, growth-defect, non-essential and growth-advantage regions. Mean insertion density is defined the proportion of TA sites containing at least one insertion averaged across the regions belonging to a given state. Mean read counts are defined as the mean value of non-empty read counts (i.e. c i > 1), averaged across all regions belonging to the given state.