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Table 6 Notable regions classified as growth-advantage

From: A Hidden Markov Model for identifying essential and growth-defect regions in bacterial genomes from transposon insertion sequencing data

Orf Ids Included genes Length of growth-advantage region Average reads
Rv3295, Rv3296 lhr 27 1098
Rv2939, Rv2940c, Rv2941 papA5, mas, fadD28 149 870
Rv2411c - 25 773
Rv0483 lprQ 36 694
Rv2930, Rv2931, Rv2932, Rv2933, Rv2934, Rv2935 fadD26, ppsA, ppsB, ppsC, ppsD, ppsE 398 655
Rv1843c, Rv1844c guaB1, gnd1 47 633
Rv0554 bpoC 16 622
Rv0479c, Rv0480c, Rv0481c - 32 589
  1. Regions labeled as 'growth-advantage’ (GA) by the HMM, in which there is an excess of reads, suggesting an over-representation of transposon insertions.