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Table 2 Selected top features using SVM-RFE and RF-IS

From: Identification of properties important to protein aggregation using feature selection

Method *Feature Description
SVM-RFE ROSM880105 Hydrophilicity of Polar Amino Acid Side-chains
RICJ880117 Relative preference in alpha helices
VENT840101 Hydrophobicity, the bitter taste of L-amino acids
ROBB760110 Conformational properties of middle turn
PONP800105 Surrounding hydrophobicity in beta-sheet
ZIMJ680101 Hydrophobicity by statistical methods
PRAM820103 Shape and surface features of globular proteins
RF-IS GUYH850101 Partition energy
VHEG790101 Transfer free energy
ROSM880105 Hydrophilicity of Polar Amino Acid Side-chains
CASG920101 Hydrophobicity scale from native protein structures
PONP800107 Accessibility reduction ratio
WILM950102 Hydrophobicity coefficient in RP-HPLC
X15925383 Pagg
LEVM780102 Normalized frequency of beta-sheet
PALJ810111 Normalized frequency of beta-sheet
  PRAM900103 Relative frequency in beta-sheet
  1. *AAIndex database entry numbers.