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Table 12 Instructions on the allowed or disallowed inference types during annotation

From: CoMAGC: a corpus with multi-faceted annotations of gene-cancer relations

# Instruction
1 Annotators can interpret the sentences and annotate concepts in a 'conventional way’, in which the sentences would usually be interpreted by human readers.
2 Annotators can infer information using their prior knowledge about properties of cancer cells when the sentence is about comparison of two different cancer cells of the same cancer type.
3 Annotators can infer information utilizing linguistic clues.
4 Annotators should not infer information using their prior knowledge about the functions of genes.
5 Annotators should not infer the CCS value from the information about patients’ survival rates because progression of cancer cells is not the sole factor that contributes to patient survival or death.
6 Annotators need not consider the certainty level of propositions.
  1. See Additional file 1 for more details on the instructions.