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Table 2 Example annotations with inferred gene classes

From: CoMAGC: a corpus with multi-faceted annotations of gene-cancer relations

Example sentence CGE CCS IGE PT Gene class
[Cdc25B] g is frequently [overexpressed] e in human [prostate cancer] c tissues (29 of 30;97%). [PMID:12569365] inc. n- >c unc. obs. Biomarker(by rule 7)
[Downregulation] e of [protein kinase C] g suppresses induction ofapoptosis in human [prostatic carcinoma] c cells. [PMID:8612685] dec. n- >c uni. cau. Tumor suppressor gene(by rule 4)
For example, some studies showed that CLU expression is increased in advanced stages of prostate cancer and that [suppression] e of [CLU] g [expression] e sensitizes [prostate cancer] c cells to chemotherapeutic drugs killing. [PMID:19879420] dec. c- >n up. cau. Oncogene(by rule 3)
  1. In the example sentences, gene names, cancer-related terms and the keywords for gene expression change are noted in square brackets and marked with subscripts 'g’, 'c’ and 'e’, respectively. The annotation concept values are abbreviated for brevity.