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Table 1 Genes in proximity to loci with a significant change in methylation levels per one unit change in log (RBC folate)

From: The causal effect of red blood cell folate on genome-wide methylation in cord blood: a Mendelian randomization approach

Symbol Chr UCSC annotated features CpG island Δ β-value Bootstrap 95% CI
OBFC2B 12 Promoter associated Shore 0.386 (0.227, 0.551)
GPR75; LOC100302652 2 5′UTR; 1st Exon; Enhancer Island 0.349 (0.184, 0.515)
AIRE 21 Within 100 bp of TSS Island 0.267 (0.094, 0.444)
MIMT1; PEG3;ZIM2 19 Within 500 bp of TSS; 5′UTR; 5′UTR Island 0.207 (0.088, 0.332)
CIRBP; C19orf24 19 Body; Within 1000 bp of TSS Island 0.176 (0.097, 0.256)
SMG6; SRR 17 Within 500 bp of TSS; 5′UTR Shore 0.125 (0.039, 0.214)
GPR12 13 5′UTR Island -0.095 (-0.161, -0.030)
  1. For each significant locus, including RefSeq symbol for gene(s) in closest proximity, chromosome, UCSC annotated feature, relation to UCSC CpG island. Effect estimates were reported for sites for which β ^ IV from the two-stage least squares (TSLS) modeling the square-root arcsine beta-values were significant at the 0.05 α-level, adjusting for whether conception was planned. Without this variance stabilizing transformation, the effect estimates are unbiased, but inference will not be correct. For interpretability, effect estimates were calculated among the significant sites without the transformation and 95% confidence interval for 1000 bootstrapped replicates were reported.