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Table 2 Slope of timing and resource curves

From: Fragment assignment in the cloud with eXpress-D

Method Runtime slope (mpmf) Resource slope (cpmf)
eXpress-D 0.05 0.12
eXpress 1.8 0
Cufflinks 6 0
RSEM 27 0
  1. We computed the mean slope between the runtime samples from Figure 3 from of this manuscript and Figure 2(b) of [10] to compare the scaling of the four methods in units of minutes per million fragments (mpmf). While eXpress, Cufflinks, and RSEM were all run on the same machine fixed at 8 cores and 24 GB RAM, the resources of eXpress-D were increased at a rate of 0.12 cores per million fragments (cpmf), allowing it scale in approximately constant time.