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Table 1 A description of the column names contained in the annotation file in Marmal-aid

From: Marmal-aid - a database for Infinium HumanMethylation450

Column name Description
ID ID used to identify sample. If from GEO this is the GEO accession number
SAMPLE_NAME A long descriptive name of the sample
GSE The GSE number which can be used to a certain whether samples are from the same experiment.
LINEAGE The lineage of the tissue
TISSUE Main tissue type E g. Blood, Brain, Liver, Kidney
TISSUE_SUBTYPE Further sub categorisation of the tissue E g. for Blood this may be CD19, CD4 etc
TRANSFORMED If a transformed cell line the name of the line is given in this column
DISEASE Indication of the disease state of the sample. NA here means no information was recorded and is most likely healthy.
DISEASE_SUBTYPE A further charaterisation of the disease state E g. if the DISEASE column contains Cancer then this column will indicate what type
SEX The sex of the sample if given as taken from the annotation file
SEX_PRED The prediction of the sex of the sample using autosomal probes
AGE The age of the sample if given.
ADDITIONAL Any additional information that could not be described in the other columns.