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Table 1 Definition and size of the classes

From: Predictability of gene ontology slim-terms from primary structure information in Embryophyta plant proteins

Class Acronym Size Class Acronym Size
Molecular Function    Biological Process   
Nucleotide binding Ntbind 47 Reproduction* Reprod* 337
Molecular function* MF* 268 Carbohydrate metabolic process ChMet 315
DNA binding DnaBind 107 Generation of precursor metabolites MetEn 150
Transcription factor activity TranscFact 307 and energy   
RNA binding RnaBind 43 Nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide, NaMet* 712
Catalytic activity* Catal* 334 nucleic acid metabolic process*   
Receptor binding RecBind 38 DNA metabolic process DnaMet 191
Transporter activity Transp 125 Translation Transl 82
Binding* Bind* 173 Protein modification process ProtMod 391
Protein binding* ProtBind* 630 Lipid metabolic process LipMet 324
Kinase activity Kinase 68 Transport Transport 531
Transferase activity* Transf* 173 Response to stress StressResp 790
Hydrolase activity Hydrol 190 Cell cycle CellCycle 234
Enzyme regulator activity EnzReg 41 Cell communication* CellComm* 66
    Signal transduction SigTransd 305
    Cell-cell signaling Cell-cell 53
Cellular Component Multicellular organismal development* MultDev* 490
Cellular component* CC* 234 Biological process* BP* 879
Extracellular region ExtcellReg 109 Metabolic process* Met* 279
Cell wall CellWall 77 Cell death CellDeath 95
Intracellular* Intracell* 167 Catabolic process Catabolic 479
Nucleus* Nucleus* 421 Biosynthetic process* Biosint* 1125
Nucleoplasm NuclPlasm 51 Response to external stimulus* ExtResp* 65
Nucleolus Nucleolus 84 Tropism Tropism 36
Cytoplasm* CitPlasm* 168 Response to biotic stimulus BioResp 275
Mitochondrion Mitochond 244 Response to abiotic stimulus AbioResp 642
Endosome Endosome 58 Anatomical structure morphogenesis StrMorph 366
Vacuole Vacuole 171 Response to endogenous stimulus EndoResp 332
Peroxisome Peroxisome 32 Embryonic development EmbDev 139
Endoplasmatic reticulum EndRet 109 Post-embryonic development* PostDev* 375
Golgi apparatus GolgiApp 100 Pollination Poll 43
Cytosol Cytosol 389 Flower development FlowerDev 228
Ribosome Ribosome 98 Cellular process* CP* 1486
Plasma membrane PlasmMb 353 Response to extracellular stimulus ExtcellResp 59
Plastid Plastid 696 Photosyntesis Photosyn 102
Thylakoid Thylk 147 Cellular component organization CellOrg 757
Membrane* Mb* 472 Cell growth CellGrowth 133
    Protein metabolic process* ProtMet* 187
    Cellular homeostasis CellHom 53
    Secondary metabolic process SecMet 164
    Cell differentiation CellDiff 267
    Growth* Growth* 64
    Regulation of gene expression, RGE 103
  1. The list of GO terms covered by this analysis is intended to provide a complete landscape of GO predictability at the three levels of protein functionality in Embryophyta plants. For classification purposes, classes marked with an asterisk (*) were redefined. The number of samples in those categories corresponds to the sequences associated to that class and none of its also listed descendants.