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Table 4 MicroRNAs potentially repressing predicted non-germ cell genes

From: Identification of germ cell-specific genes in mammalian meiotic prophase

MicroRNA Chromosome location
Spermatocyte model  
mmu-miR-615 15
mmu-miR-592 6
mmu-miR-882 12
mmu-miR-185 16
Oocyte model  
mmu-miR-615 15
mmu-miR-491 4
mmu-miR-326 7
mmu-miR-330 7
mmu-miR-351 X
  1. An AUC value was calculated for each microRNA in TargetScanMouse (Release 6.1 March 2012, conserved targets of conserved microRNAs) [28] and miRanda (August 2010, targets with good mirSVR score of conserved microRNAs) [29] to evaluate whether microRNA targets overlap with predicted non-germ cell genes. Top-10 microRNAs based on AUC values were obtained from each of the two databases. The microRNAs identified from both databases are shown in the table.