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Table 2 Description of available eUtils tools

From: search GenBank: interactive orchestration and ad-hoc choreography of Web services in the exploration of the biomedical resources of the National Center For Biotechnology Information

Tool name Description
EInfo Provides information about available databases or a specific database, such as: the number of indexed records for each searched field, the date of the last update, and available links to other NCBI databases.
EGQuery Responds to the query returning the number of records that match the specified, search phrases in any Entrez database.
ESearch Responds to the query returning a list of unique identifiers (UID) of records that match the specified query.
ESummary For the specified list of UIDs, returns summaries of records from a particular database.
EPost Accepts a list of UIDs and sends it to the History Server, returning the appropriate address in the form of parameters: WebEnv and query_key.
EFetch Responds to the list of UIDs returning complete records from a specified database.
ELink Allows traversing between databases using related UIDs. Returns the list of UIDs of records from a destination database related to the UIDs of records from the source database.
ESpell Returns suggestions of the correct spelling for the query entered by the user.