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Table 1 The comparison of the genomic control inflation factor of association tests with and without top PCs

From: MethylPCA: a toolkit to control for confounders in methylome-wide association studies

Association test 0c + 5d* 1c + 4d 2c + 3d 3c + 2d 4c + 1d 5c + 0d
without PCs 2.962 3.199 2.979 2.987 2.873 2.949
with PCs 1.006 1.008 1.009 1.004 1.009 0.996
  1. *The number of continuous confounding factors (followed with c) and the number of dichotomous confounding factors (followed with d) in the simulated data set. The association test without incorporating the top PCs as covariates. The association test incorporating the top PCs as covariates.