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Table 1 Dimensions of PINs of some organisms.

From: Visualization of protein interaction networks: problems and solutions

  Homo Sapiens Mus Musculus Saccharomyces C
Databases # Nodes # Edges # Nodes # Edges # Nodes # Edges
I2D 14847 156188 12818 145119 11194 152877
INTACT 18161 86537 8305 18896 8958 105440
MINT 8624 26698 8624 26698 62621 5661
DIP 3337 4794 1361 1468 5087 24114
BIOGRID 15239 125045 5142 11565 6248 304198
  1. This table shows the number of known protein interactions related respectively to the Homo Sapiens, Mus Musculus, and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae organisms. For each organism, the table reports the number of proteins (#Nodes) and the number of interactions (#Edges) of the interaction network, extracted from the DIP, IntAct, MINT, I2D, and BioGrid protein interaction databases. Due to the high number of nodes and edges, it is clear that such networks need for a proper visualization tool in order to analyze effectively and quickly the enormous amount of information available. Finally, it could be noted that each database reports a different number of proteins and interactions, probably due to the curation process of such databases.