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Table 1 EST libraries and sequence data available at SymGRASS.

From: SymGRASS: a database of sugarcane orthologous genes involved in arbuscular mycorrhiza and root nodule symbiosis

Library Id Tissue sample Total Reads
SC34 Apical meristem and neighboring tissue (immature plants) 13,325
SC24 Apical meristem and neighboring tissue (mature plants) 10,813
SC19 Developing inflorescence 1 cm long 15,277
SC39 Developing inflorescence base 5 cm long 10,692
SC27 Developing inflorescence and rhachis 10 cm long 4,629
SC22 Developed inflorescence and rhachis 20 cm long 13,912
SC43 Developed inflorescence 20 cm long without rhachis 8,006
SC8 Developing seeds 17,012
SC31 Etiolated leaves from in vitro grown seedlings 4,543
SC37 First apical stalk internode of adult plants 6,906
SC5 First to third meristem internodes 1,078
SC25 Fourth apical stalk internode of adult plants 8,672
SC17 Sixth to eleventh internodes 7,234
SC35 Germinating sett roots 68
SC36 Lateral buds from field grown adult plants 5,904
SC6 Lateral buds from greenhouse grown adult plants 8,947
SC4 Leaf roll from field grown adult plants 15,141
SC3 Leaf roll including apex 3,581
SC9 Leaf whorl 4,316
SC1 Mature leaf tissue 6,867
SC23 Pool of calli exposed to low (4 °C) and high (37 °C) temperatures 8,978
SC10 Root 10,152
SC12 Root apex from adult plants 7,421
SC2 Root tips 0,3 cm long from adult plants 17,770
SC28 Shoot-root transition zone from young plants 7,839
SC18 Shoot-root transition zone from adult plants 12,806
SC45 Seedlings inoculated with Glucoacetobacter diazotroficans 14,629
SC11 Seedlings inoculated with Herbaspirillum rubrisubalbicans 9,684
SC21 Stem 11,379
SC41 Stalk bark from adult plants 13,151
SC16 Pool of tissues 2,490
Total 283,222