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Table 2 Rank of enriched miRNAs in gene lists downregulated and differentially expressed genes after miRNA treatment

From: Using context-specific effect of miRNAs to identify functional associations between miRNAs and gene signatures

  PPI-based regression model Regression model Expression2Kinase GeneSet2miRNA
Downregulated gene set in LNCaP cells     
pre-miRNA-1 1st 1st 1st 1st
pre-miRNA-206 1st 1st 1st 2nd
pre-miRNA-27b 1st 2nd 1st 1st
pre-miRNA-32 1st 3nd 5st 3st
pre-miRNA-148a 1st 1nd 3st 1st
Differentially expressed gene set in LNCaP     
pre-miRNA-1 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
pre-miRNA-206 1st 1st 1st 2nd
pre-miRNA-27b 2nd 3rd 10th 15th
Downregulated gene set in HeLa cells     
miRNA-1 1st 1st 1st 2nd
miRNA-124 1st 1st 2nd 2nd
miRNA-373 1st 1st 2nd 2nd