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Table 1 miR-target correlations in experimentally validated and computationally predicted subsets

From: mirCoX: a database of miRNA-mRNA expression correlations derived from RNA-seq meta-analysis

Dataset Experimentally validated? # miR-gene pairs ΔCorrelation
miRecord yes 268 -0.051
miRanda (conserved) no 194414 -0.009
miRanda(nonconserved) no 965520 -0.016
TargetScan no 51487 -0.015
  1. For each miR-target database, the mean miR-gene expression correlation was calculated for miR-target pairs within the database and compared to the mean correlation for all possible miR-gene pairs. The difference between the mean correlation for pairs within a database and the mean correlation for all pairs is given as ∆correlation.