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Figure 11

From: enRoute: dynamic path extraction from biological pathway maps for exploring heterogeneous experimental datasets

Figure 11

Resolving multi-mappings in the KEGG pathway map Retinol Metabolism. (a) A path that contains a complex node with many multi-mappings is selected. (b) This path is shown in the enRoute view, together with gene expression data for normal liver (NNL), cirrhosis (Cirr), hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and three cell line models, Hep3B, HUH7, and SK-Hep in the conditions Hep3B tissue culture (H3T), Hep3B subcutaneous graft (H3S), Hep3B orthotopic graft (H3O), HUH7 tissue culture (H7T), HUH7 subcutaneous graft (H7S), SK-Hep tissue culture (SKT), and SK-Hep subcutaneous graft (SKS). CYP2C18 (yellow) is highly expressed in the Hep3B model and CYP1A1 (orange) is upregulated in HUH7.

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