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Table 4 Sparse modules in U and T KOG categories for Saccharomyces cerevisia PPI network

From: A novel subgradient-based optimization algorithm for blockmodel functional module identification

KOG ID Sparse module example Enriched genes Enriched GO Term GO Level p-value
U YDR179C, YNL287W, YDL216C YCR099C, YIL004C,YAL026C YLR268W, YLR093C, YPR163C YPR148C, YOL064C, YOL117W YGL084C, YLR031W, YIL076W YPL179W, YKL191W, YPL010W YOL117W, YDR179C, YDL216C protein deneddylation [+8, 0] 2.01e-5
T YJL092W, YDR490C, YOR231W YJL005W, YPL074W, YPL083C YNL323W,YOL100W YDR490C, YOL100W, YNL323W, YJL005W, YOR231W signal transduction [+3, -1] 6.09e-5
T YDR076W, YDL059C, YJL173C YPL164C, YER171W, YPL026C YCR079W, YPL150W, YHR169W YJR062C YDL059C, YPL026C, YER171W, YPL164C, YJL173C, YDR076W response to endogenous stimulus [+2, -1] 4.77e-5