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Figure 3

From: Functional inference by ProtoNet family tree: the uncharacterized proteome of Daphnia pulex

Figure 3

Automatic functional annotation of Daphnia protoeme. (A) The partition of the ProRoot70s' ProtoName sources. GO terms are dominating the annotations of the Daphnia proteome (67%). Each of the following resources, InterPro, Pfam and UniProt contributes an additional of 5-8% of the annotations. The rest of the annotations are from structural (SCOP, CATH) and functional classifications (Enzyme, EC). (B) Specificity (purity) score for the ProRoot70 is calculated in respect to InterPro annotations (Family and Domain). The average (0.84) is shown with a red asterisk. The median (0.9) is marked with a green line.

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