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Figure 6

From: Functional inference by ProtoNet family tree: the uncharacterized proteome of Daphnia pulex

Figure 6

Taxonomy Balance (TB) measures for Daphnia's clusters at ProRoot70. (A). Histogram is shown in log2(TB). For each proRoot70 tree that includes at least one Daphnia's and one Drosophila's protein, TB is computed as the number of Daphnia proteins divided by the number of Drosophila proteins. Note that the histogram is not symmetric. There are more ProRoot70 clusters with high numbers of proteins from Daphnia relative to Drosophila. (B) TB for 50 protein families with a maximal (or minimal) TB values. There are 31 clusters with TB ratio ≥ 10 and only 13 clusters with TB ratio ≤ 0.1 (i.e. > 10 folds more Drosophila's proteins relative to Daphnia's proteins, dashed lines). Annotations that are associates with selected clusters are indicated.

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